Flirty Japanese
welcome to flirty japanese

Welcome to Flirty Japanese

  • Do you want to flirt with Japanese?
  • Do you have a Japanese boyfriend or girlfriend but can’t express your feelings?
  • Do you want to say certain things to your Japanese lover but can’t find the right words or phrases in your textbook or dictionary?

If you can answer „YES!“ to at least one of these questions then

Flirty Japanese is just for you!

This site will provide sentences and special terms around flirting and romantic relationships. You will find examples for confessions, flirts, farewell scenes and so on, but also for dirty talk and intimate moments.

I’m not saying that it is super easy to hook up someone or manage to get a Japanese boyfriend or girlfriend BUT you’ll won’t be speechless in that kind of situations.

So make sure to bookmark my page and keep coming back as I will add new and fresh content to help you with love life.