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How to ask a Japanese girl out

Since you’re interested in how to ask a Japanese girl out, then you sould ask yourself:

  • Do I want to just play around with a Japanese girl?
  • Or do I have the intention to have a longer relationsship with her?

How to start a flirt with a Japanese

If you want to ask a Japanese to just hang out with you and spend some time together, you can simply ask:

遊ぶ? – asobu?

遊ぶ literally means „to play“ or „to be idle“ but guys use it on the street to hit on Japanese girls. So in fact it means something like: „Let’s hang out!“
A more aggresive version would be:

遊ぼうよ! – asobou yo!

As in any other country, there’s a high chance of failing. But you will probably have more success if you’re adding a compliment like:

あなたはかわいい! – anata wa kawaii!

Be creative in what you tell her! Don’t say the same thing to every girl! Make the Japanese girl feel unique!

How to start a relationship with a Japanese girl

So you came to like a Japanese girl? You like her appearance as well as her character? So you decided to has her to be your girlfriend? If so, then you might want to say the following to her:

(僕と)付き合ってください!– (boku to) tsukiatte kudasai!

If you want to show the Japanese girl that you’re serious about her, bow while saying this phrase. Don’t raise you’re head before the girl answered. It may take a while but if you stay in this position you will show your patience and seriousness. You can also reach out your hand. If Japanese girl is accepting your proposal she will grab you hand.

Watch this video for some examples:

For more impact, confessing your love or your feelings for her is a great idea. I will go deeper into this topic in a future post.

So make sure to bookmark my page and keep coming back as I will add new and fresh content to help you with love life.

photo: „ナンパ“ by Ryo FUKAsawa, used under CC BY / Brightness adjustments from original