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6 pickup lines to say to Japanese girls

It’s more fun to spend time with someone than being alone all the time, right? But you’re asking yourself: „How the hell can I pick up a Japanese girl?“ Then this article with classic pickup lines is meant to boost your inspiration.

Last week I already told you what you can say to ask a girl out:
How to ask a Japanese girl out

This time I want to show you what you can say to initiate a conversation on the street or bar. Japanese like every other woman like compliments. But make sure you really mean what you say.

Here are some classic pickup lines:

1. You are cute!

可愛い! – kawaii!

or even bolder:

すげ~可愛い! – sugee kawaii!

2. You look pretty!

きれいだね! – kirei da ne!

a step further would be:

君って本当にきれいだね! – Kimi-te hontou ni kirei da ne!

If you want to focus on a particular feature of the Japanese girl, you might want to use the following phrase:

きれいな〇〇だね! – kirei na … da ne!

For example „Your eyes are beautiful“:

きれいな瞳だね! – kirei na hitomi da ne!

Be creative and choose what suits best BUT stay away from saying something her skin, lips, breats, and the like. It would make the Japanese girl think you’re a creep or a pervert and ignores you at best.
If it happens to be spring in other words „花見“ (Hanami – cherry blossom viewing) is near you could also use this cheesy variation:

あなたは春の一番の桜より美しい。 – anata wa haru no ichiban no sakura yori utsukushii.

…meaning: „You are more beautiful than the most beautiful cherry blosson.“

3. You have a nice style/figure!

スタイルはいいな! – sutairu wa ii na!

You should be careful in which tone you say this pickup lines since „スタイル“ can also mean „(female) figure“. If you’re thinking it’s a too dangerous pickup line then you might use the next one:

4. This … looks nice one you.

その〇〇、似合ってるね! – sono …, niatteru ne!

For example „This dress looks nice on you“:

そのドレス、似合ってるね! – sono doresu, niatteru ne!

You can insert any type of clothes or accessory you want but if you say something about your shoes, you might end up being seen as gay.

5. You are sexy!

イロッポイ! – iroppoi!

Please be very carryful with this phrase. What’s that expression again… „Read the air!“
Last but not least a compliment every Japanese girl or women would love to hear:

6. Your smile is beautiful!

笑顔が素敵だよ! – egao ga suteki da yo!

But unfortunately you have to wait until you really have seen her smiling. Otherwise she’ll not taking you serious.


I want to leave you with some words of advise. Always mean what you’re saying. Being honest is the best way to capture a girls heart. And don’t forget to SMILE!! It depends on the type of girl you’re aiming but a smile usually breaks the ice.

Here’s some footage of a foreign guy hitting on a Japanese girl:

If the Japanse girl is responding in a positive way, then you can try to ask her out:
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So make sure to bookmark my page and keep coming back as I will add new and fresh content to help you with love life.