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6 phrases to win the heart of Japanese men

How can you win the heart of Japanese men? Japanese men aren’t that different from other men. They like being admired. So you can use this weakness to your advantage and make a man even more interested in you.
But how can you say it in Japanese? Here are 6 phrases that you might want to remember and use it when a suitable moment has come:

Every man wants to be a hero

If your person of interest does something to help you, you can say:

ヒーローみたい! – hiiroo mitai!

It doesn’t have to be something completely outstanding. For example you are thirsty but don’t have something to on you. Then he gives you bottle of water. That’s a situation where you can use this phrase.
Another example would be a situation where you stumble and he prevents you from falling down.
Okay, it sounds a bit stupid and the man probably will be thinking: „Why does this make me look like a hero“ but at the same time he will feel flattered.

Every man wants to be extraordinary

Who doesn’t want to be special? – No one, right? If a man makes an extra effort, be sure to praise it.

どうしてそんなに〇〇の? – doushite sonna ni … no?

You can use any adjective that you find fitting the situation as long as it something positive (from the man’s perspective.
A common phrase would be „どうしてそんなに優しいの?“ (doushite sonna ni yasashii no?) which can be translated as „Why are you so kind?“.

Every man sometimes needs a hint

Japanese tend to voice their opinions and feelings indirectly. So if you state your wish directly, Japanese men might be put off. There are some who find it refeshing but most will find it intimidating. So if you have a different cultural background, it can be though and frustrating. In order to make your wishes come true, you can give the man a push in the right direction with the following expression:

あなたが〇〇って言うなら、いいよ! – anata ga …tte iu nara, ii yo!

Here’s an example: A direct way to ask for a kiss is “キスしていい?“ (kisu shite ii?) which means „Is it okay to kiss you?“. A more alluring and indirect approach would be: „あなたがキスしたいっていうなら、いいよ!“ (anata ga kisu shitaitte iu nara, ii yo!). That’s like an invitation to kiss you.

This phrase also implies that is the one who decides things. Therefore, if you give him the feeling that he has the final say in something, then it will draw him closer to you.
Remember, men want to feel dominant even if the reality is different. With this phrase you can also give him your approval to something. For example: „あなたがサッカー・スタジアムにしたいなら、いいよ!“ (anata ga sakkaa sutajiamu ni shitai nara, ii yo!)
By the way, in order to make the senctence more polite or gracefull, you can replace „あなた“ with the men’s name or however you usually address him.

Every man wants to understand a woman’s heart

Mutual understanding is important a relationship. Otherwise it leads to arguments and frustration. Thus show the man that he understands you. The following phrase might help:

何で〇〇って分かったの? – nande …tte wakatta no?

For example when you received something from him and it’s something you like, you can say: „何でこれが好きって分かったの?“ (nande kore ga sukitte wakatta no?) which can be translated as „How did you know that I like this?“. A variation is

何でこれが欲しいって分かったの – nande kore ga hoshiitte wakatta no?

which means „How did you know that I wanted this?“.

Every man needs an impulse for imagination

By using the following phrase you can easily introduce ideas and lead him to a goal. You can also check what he’s thinking about a certain topic.

もしも、〇〇したら〇〇? – moshimo, … shitara …?

It’s a simple „what if“-sentence thus he starts to imagine what could happen or how it would feel.

Here are some examples:
If you’ve met someone at a party, you could say „What would you do if the two of us slip out?“:

もしも、2人で抜け出したらどうする? – moshimo, futari de nukedashitara dou suru?

If you like someone and want to have a relationship with him, you could sound him out by asking:

もしも、私と(name)付き合ったら皆ビックリするかな? – moshimo, watashi to (name) tsukiattara mina bikkuri suru ka na?

Marriage, a topic that scares men to death, can also be addressed in an indirect way:

もしも、私が指輪をしてたら(name)と結婚してると思われちゃうかな? – moshimo, watashi ga yubiwa wo shitetara (name) to kekkon shiteru to omowarechau ka na?

This means „If I would be wearing a ring, I wonder if we would appear to be married.“ Therefore you don’t even state that you are thinking of marriage but that you are wondering what impression other people will get. That’s pretty clever, don’t you think?

Here’s a little extra:

もしも、これ2人で掛けたら面白いでしょうね。 – moshimo, kore futari de kaketara omoshiroi deshou ne.

With this phrase you can make him buy things for both of you, for example sunglasses – provided that his a kind person. So don’t overuse it.

Every man wants to be the best

Unlike women who want to be the only one, men are quite competitive, even in love. So if you want to give the man the feeling of being the best, use this phrase

こんなに〇〇したの、はじめて。 – konna ni … shita no, hajimete.

For example, if you can say something like „It’s the first time to receive a great kiss like this.“: こんなに素敵なキスしたの、初めて。(konna ni suteki na kisu shita no, hajimete.)
It’s a very cheezy line. So if you find it too embarrassing to phrase it, you can use the following universal line which simply means „It’s the first time like this.“:

こんなの、初めて。 – konna no, hajimete.

These were my tips on how to grab the interest of Japanese men. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to bookmark my page and keep coming back as I will add new and fresh content to help you with love life.

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